World's only "personal" Life-Saving Wristband

Introducing BlueFox ST1

Swimming and bathing can bring so much joy to everyone of all ages, but like many activities it can be connected with a certain risk too.

Children of every age are drawn to water and they love to take every opportunity to make a splash.

Parents know that it requires 100% of their attention to supervise children and loved ones in and around water. 

Sadly however, to many accidents and near misses occur whilst swimming or playing in water.

Not only to children but also to experienced swimmers in pools, lakes and waterways.

Far to often, they can prove to be fatal or cause irreparable neurological damage to surviving victims.


The BlueFox ST1 raises an alert before something serious occurs.

It recognises when the child or swimmer is in trouble and triggers the alarm before others around have even recognised that someone near them is fighting for survival

BlueFox ST1 recognises the depth you are swimming in and measures the time you are spending below a certain depth. Once you exceed the preset duration it will release a balloon with a loud siren to the water surface. This noisy alarm will attract the attention of all present people. 

Due for launch in Spring 2018 - if you would like any further information - please do not hesitate to contact us on 077 6874 6789