The UK's leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of Lifeguards "Intelligent Drowning Detection Systems and Drowning Prevention Technology"


We have a team of staff with combined decades of experience within the leisure field.

As recognised industry experts we specialise in "Blended Lifeguarding" technological solution for your swimming pool through the provision of Poolview Plus+™, Poolview™ or SenTag, Intelligent Drowning Detection and Drowning Prevention Systems.


Poolview Plus+ Intelligent Drowning Detection System

In the above video we highlight the main components of our Poolview Plus+ Intelligent Drowning Detection System.

Poolview Plus+ embraces the concept of Blended Lifeguarding which combines the best lifeguarding techniques alongside the best technology solutions available

The Poolview Plus+ can also be installed as a "stand alone" drowning detection alarm system, without providing lifeguard alert monitors if required.

The Poolview Safer Swimming System

In this video we recreate two possible scenarios that can and do occur within swimming pools.

Shallow Water Blackout and a swimmer who becomes unconcious following a bump to the head. In both instances the casualty is submerged, but "revealed" on the Poolview Monitor

Both types of incident can be very difficult to "spot" through normal Lifeguarding techniques as the victim will certainly NOT have an opportunity to call for help!

PooLVIEW Plus+

Poolview Plus+ provides "Blended Lifeguarding" at its best and Supports Lifeguards with their role and responsibilities.

The Lifeguards monitor display gives them an uncompromising view of below water swimmer activity and draws the Lifeguards attention using a series of alerts and alarms to any possible developing incident within their zone of resposnibility.

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