Innovation & Automation Seminar


We are delighted to be involved once again with Swimming Pool Events for this exciting seminar in Scotland

A Number of key experts within the swimming pool community are coming to Perth to deliver a variety of workshops and talks on how swimming pool and leisure operators can develop best practice.

The seminars focus will be on how automation and innovation can simplify swimming pool operations.

The speakers will focus on providing tools and techniques that bring you up to date with current developments.

For further details and full agenda, please follow this link to register:

Or call: 07710 206945 - £55.00 + VAT per Delegate

RLSS UK & Poolview Collaborate for Powerful Lifeguard Training Video

Watch the video here:

Watch the video here:

At Poolview today, we are delighted and honoured to have collaborated with the RLSS UK in the making of this powerful video, which we hope will go some way towards providing Lifeguards with additional skills in casualty recognition.

The link to the full RLSS UK article is here


The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is always working to ensure that the qualifications our clients deliver, not only manifest best practice and industry guidance but are also as realistic as possible, incorporating the most relevant and up-to-date information. 

Our National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) Generation 9, launched in July 2018, is no different.

As standard practice for all our awards and qualifications, we carry out rigorous ongoing research in several areas, not just lifeguarding, reviewing and appraising incidents and accidents to help improve our provision. 
As in everyday life, advanced technology is increasingly being used by leisure operators and venues, right across the UK and Ireland. RLSS UK has spent the past 12 months studying video evidence of drownings, non-fatal drowning incidents and fatalities in swimming pools, to better understand how individuals behave and react, in these situations.

Our research has shown, that casualties behave in a variety of ways beyond what we would expect consequently, we have used these findings to enhance and further strengthen the casualty recognition section of the NPLQ; encouraging and empowering lifeguards to investigate any person behaving in an unusual (not normal) way. 
Using real-life footage and working with Poolview, we have created six real-life videos to give lifeguards a more in-depth understanding of a casualty’s behaviour.

These videos give both an underwater and lifeguard view, of a variety of casualties in difficulty.   

Jo Talbot, Commercial Operations Director at RLSS UK explains:

“It is vitally important that we provide lifeguards with the best possible training to support them in their role and ensure leisure operators benefit from the most proficient and confident staff.

“We are continually reviewing research and looking at incidents that have occurred, to help us improve our qualifications and training.

“I’m so excited to be able to now include these revolutionary videos, as valuable training resources for both qualifying lifeguards and lifeguards completing their ongoing training. It ensures RLSS UK remains at the forefront of lifesaving awards and qualifications, so everyone can enjoy the water, safely.”

Poolview Plus 13 site roll out completed for Warner

The first site of 13 completed for the Warner Hotels Group

The first site of 13 completed for the Warner Hotels Group

We are delighted to announce that Poolview Plus has now been installed in 13 of the Warner Hotels, part of the Bourne Leisure Group.

Craig Valentine - Health & Safety Manager of Bourne Leisure said:

“Poolview Limited in my opinion are the leading experts within the field of Drowning Detection Technology in the UK.

Their knowledge and expertise is second to none and the speed at which they are developing Poolview Plus in collaboration with the Industry is quite remarkable.

We have rolled out “Plus” throughout our entire Warner Hotels group and are absolutely delighted with the results.”

Andy Read - His Story and the importance of Defibrillators

On the 25th August 2018 Andy Read experienced a truly harrowing “Live Changing Event” when he suffered a huge Cardiac Arrest.

Many of us within the industry who know Andy were really shocked and concerned when we heard the bad news.

Nine months on, having followed his recovery with an ever increasing smile, Andy and Places Leisure have released this video, in which he tells his remarkable story and how a defib helped save his life.


Poolview participates in a joint project with the RLSS


It was really exciting to finally get an interesting joint project off the ground with the RLSS last week.

Gathering at West Bromwich Leisure Centre with a team of like minded individuals, which inluded Jo Talbot -Director RLSS and Helen Meckiffe - Safety Manager Right Directions to name but two.

Overnight filming this week with the RLSS UK when we shot footage to produce realistic videos of casualties in difficulty, many of which we re-enacted from actual incidents….

Looking forward to sharing the results of this first set of resources, in what we all hope will be a very worthwhile initiative.

Safety in Swimming Pools - Basingstoke

Safety in Swimming Pools Seminar in Basingstoke - March 2019

Safety in Swimming Pools Seminar in Basingstoke - March 2019

Another superb “Prevention is Better than Cure” safety seminar complete

The speakers included Mike Shuff, Ian Nicks, Robin McGloughlin, Helen Meckiffe, Robin Mitchell, Colin Jenkinson and Steve Gallagher

The focus of the seminar was to provide operators with the tools to prevent, rather than cure when it came to Health and Safety incidents in Swimming Pools.

The next seminar takes place in Scotland on 26th September where the focus will be on “Innovation and Automation”

Poolview and Bluefox ST1 Video

We have been collaborating with the Swiss company “Bluefox” over the past few months - testing and filming their new Bluefox ST1 personal wristband

The wristband recognises when the child or swimmer is in trouble and triggers the alarm before others around have even recognised that someone near them are in difficulty.

BlueFox ST1 recognises the depth you are swimming in and measures the time you are spending below a certain depth. Once you exceed the preset duration it will release a balloon with a loud siren to the water surface. This noisy alarm will attract the attention of all present people. 

We were impressed - have a look for yourself

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Best easy access steps for Lifeguards and Poolview

Andover 20190306 (3 of 6).jpg

It was great to go to site this week and finally see this particular design of easy access steps for the main pool tank. This particular site was the latest Places Leisure new build


One of the problems we (and Lifeguards) have had to overcome in recent times is with the design of easy access steps.

Many have had an “underwater wall” as shown in this example which creates blind spots for the Lifeguards.

Steps are also traditionally positioned on the opposite side of the pool to where the steps are designed in and the “blind spot” can be problematic to manage.

Delighted to see this positive “step” forward in swimming pool design

Another Poolview installation commissioned and handed over - Blended Lifeguarding at its best!

Stitching Together - The Concept of Blended Lifeguarding

Quest NBS Conference 2019

Quest NBS Conference 2019

Director Robin McGloughlin is delighted to be presenting alongside Right Directions, Helen Meckiffe at this years Quest NBS Conference in Warwick on 27th February..

Entitled: Stitching Together - The Concept of Blended Lifeguarding, which will give an insight into the purpose of drowning detection technology, it’s place within the industry and a review of how we can support the evolution of Lifeguarding.

For further details follow this link Quest NBS Conference 2019

Poolview preparing for Elevate Arena Exhibition 19

PV Lagan 20190215 (21 of 24).jpg

Early morning and late night in Laganvalley Leisureplex with Mac&Mac Media shooting some material for our forthcoming Elevate event in London. The UK’s largest physical activity trade show is taking place in London this May and we will be there!

Huge thanks to the ever helpful, understanding and accommodating staff at the Leisureplex - very much appreciated.

Introducing our new Contracts Manager - Daniel Collier

Managing Director Paul Brown welcomes our new Contracts Manager Daniel Collier to Poolview

Managing Director Paul Brown welcomes our new Contracts Manager Daniel Collier to Poolview

We are delighted to announce that Daniel Collier has joined us as Contracts Manager having spent the last six years at the Environment Agency.

He is a 2012 graduate from the University of Leeds with an MEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Daniel brings a different perspective and drive to Poolview and as well a being our key contact for all installations, he will focus on high quality and timely Contract Delivery, alongside the Health, Safety, Environment and Wellbeing of both the business and workforce.

Welcome Daniel - another cog in the wheel for Poolview - delivering “Blended Lifeguarding” to poolside!

Poolview Ltd - A Lifeguarding Company - using Technology to Support Lifeguards!

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Poolview Plus+ 10 Installations

“Lifeguarding with Technology Assisted Detection”

Our concept of “Blended Lifeguarding” is gathering pace and spreading around the UK

We thought you might like to see pictures from site of our last 10 Poolview Plus+ installations completed since September.

All with different challenges.

One more before Christmas and then three to follow in January

Photo Credits Wally Wallis

Safety in Swimming Pools Seminar - Solihull

Safety in Pools.jpg

Delighted to be involved once again at the latest “Safety in Swimming Pools” seminar in Solihull.

The seminar was attended by those who are involved in the management, maintenance or operation of swimming pools and focused on providing tools and techniques that would allow leisure operators to "prevent as opposed to cure" when it came to Health and Safety incidents.  

The speakers were all experts in their own field with particular emphasis on the health and safety aspects of pool management and included:-

Robin Mitchell - Pioneering Pool Solutions

Helen Meckiffe - Right Directions

Ian Nicks - PWTAG

Colin Jenkinson - Leisure Safety Training

Mike Shuff - PALM Academy

Stephen Gallagher - Lonza

Robin McGloughlin - Poolview Limited