SenTAG - an alternative Layer of Protection

Acting as a second layer of pool security supporting existing lifeguards and pool operators the SenTAG "Safer Swimming System" wristband continuously monitors depth and time for every bather and alerts the operater if preset thresholds are exceeded. Have a look at the animated movie below to see how the SenTAG Safer Swimming System could be of benefit to your patrons and staff!

SenTAG pool alarm:

  • supervises every swimmer individually with personally adjusted settings.
  • communicates via ultrasonic frequencies just like the mammals of the ocean.
  • supervise all pool areas such as, standard pools, lazy rivers, wave pools, splash pools etc.
  • registers depth, time and lack of  “motion” (depth changes) below the surface and does not rely on line of sight within the facility.
  • uses retention units to collect the SenTAG security wristbands after use.
  • has low operating, maintenance and support costs.