SwimEye™ Drowning Detection and Prevention System

We are pleased to announce Poolview Limited will be the UK and Ireland’s sole installers and distributors of the SwimEye™ Drowning Detection and Prevention System, in partnership with the Norwegian Company - Davo AS. 

Poolview Ltd and Davo AS are currently finalising the development of SwimEye™ for release onto the UK market.  A series of inspired software and hardware advancements will mean the new SwimEye™ system will be the world’s most technologically advanced artificial intelligence drowning detection "Safer Swimming System".

SwimEye™ utilises a series of underwater cameras; monitoring, tracking and recording swimmers’ actions and behaviour.

This information is relayed back to the Central Control Station for analysis and interrogation.

When the software detects a swimmer may be in difficulty, an alarm will be triggered alerting staff to the developing incident.

A rescue can then be effected by trained lifeguards/responders.

The new SwimEye™ will surpass all currently available detection systems and usher in the next generation of swimming safety.

Please follow the link on our website or contact us directly for further information and product details.