Poolview Ltd attends "active-net" at Loughborough

Just back from a very successful couple of days at Loughborough - attending "active-net".

"active-net" is a new approach to "buyer meets supplier" events, combining quality one-to-one meetings with a comprehensive seminar and networking programmes. "active-net" is aimed at all operators and suppliers with a focus on the public sector whether it be Trusts, Local Authorities or Universities/Colleges.

Robin McGloughlin - Sales Director at active-net 2015

We therfore had the pleasure of meeting some current customers, old friends and aquaintances as well as the opportunity to establish some new relationships, partnerships, product enquiries and industry collaborations.

Lots of interest in our "Poolview Safer Swimming System" -  to help increase safety, offer new flexibility and help in reducing staff overheads.

It was thought provoking to note that quite a few facility operators assumed that Poolview was an automatic computerised drowning detection system - which it is not - Poolview requires interaction with a fully qualified lifeguard on the poolside incorportating our images into their 10:20 scan.

It was further very pleasing to demonstrate how Poolview can help towards reducing staffing costs and that a business case can be made to install, with a firm period established for cap-ex payback.

Many many thanks to active-net and the staff - In particular to David Monkhouse @DPMCL