Poolview - Saving Lives AND Increasing Efficiencies

Poolview Ltd is the UK's leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of safety swimming pool systems.  Established in 2012 they have installed underwater camera safety systems in over 50 pools UK wide as either part of a refurbishment, new build, or as a stand alone retro-fit.
‘Poolview System’, part of the range of five products produced by Poolview Ltd, is an above water and below swimming pool water CCTV system which digitally records and stores all moving images. Real-time digital video images are relayed to any lifeguard monitoring station in any combination depending on the pools design and risk assessment requirements. The display gives Lifeguards an un-compromised view of below water swimmer activity and behaviour. Lifeguards view these images as part of their 10:20 scan to help with early identification of an incident developing or abnormal events occurring.


When a swimmer is observed getting into difficulty, or the likelihood of an incident developing is unfolding the Lifeguard will initiate their normal ‘Emergency Action Procedures’ by either taking quick preventative action or activate the pool side alarm for additional assistance.
Lead time from a request to install ranges from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the size of the project.  Robin McGloughlin, Sales Director of Poolview Ltd explains, “new builds are usually an 18 month operation with Poolview engineers working with the client from when they are first casting the tank then return a year later just before they fill the pool to install the cameras.  We then arrive on site the last two weeks before handover and complete the installation and training whilst retro-fits can be completed in less than a week”.

Operators can reduce their lifeguarding costs saving between £6k and £20k in a 12 month period through a streamlining lifeguard attendance due to the addition technological safety features of Poolview.  Payback of an installation can be as little as six months.  Further and much more substantial cost reductions can be made when Poolview is introduced to specifically cover “small area” difficult blind spots enabling alternative methods of lifeguarding to be introduced.

Andy Read, Safety & Quest Manager at Places for People has overseen the installation of 30+ Poolview systems at individual facilities throughout the UK with a further 6 new builds installations to come over the coming months.  Andy Read said “We have partnered with Poolview Limited to make our pools as safe as possible for both swimmers and staff using technology. Installations have been efficiently completed with clear communication throughout the process from the Poolview team.”
“This system has allowed us to further demonstrate our commitment to the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ approach to successful Health and Safety management using our ‘SAFE Places for People’ quality management system. The introduction of Poolview to our pools has been a seamless operation from initial contact to launch. The professional support and training aligned to the exceptional product has enabled us to achieve our safety goals and pay back of the system in as little as six months in some cases.”

For further information see www.poolview.co.uk.