Water Clarity

Without good clarity our cameras are blind to see - look at these views down and across our last install in a 25m pool - incredible and a credit to the "plant team".

It is a fine art (some say dark) understanding how to maintain your water quality, but throw in the need for crystal clarity and you really need to know how your plant ticks, lives and breaths!

Most folk who swim do not realize the expertise, cost, time and effort required to maintain a perfect pool.

It takes a combined effort to provide "Additional Essential Vision" for Lifeguards

Moving Floor - No Problem!

Tonight we are on site core drilling a swimming pool with a moving floor and boom. No need to close or drain your pool - we work at night when your facility is closed and insert our Poolview Cameras into the recesses when drilling is complete. This allows moving floors and booms to pass freely past our cameras without obstruction. Poolview - providing "Additional Essential Vision" to even more lifeguards nationwide!