Poolview meets SenTag Partners in Stuttgart

Whilst in Stuttgart we met up with our SenTag partners on their stand to see the latest system upgrades and configurations which has just been released.

Directors of SenTag and Poolview Ltd at interbad in Stuttgart

SenTag acts as a layer of pool security either with or without patrolling lifeguards. The SenTAG security wristband continuously monitors depth and time for every swimmer and alerts if preset thresholds are exceeded.

The SENTAG Wristband monitors time and pressure for each user. Wristbands are set to a depth and time at which the alarm is raised. If the user should spend too much time under the pre-set depth an alarm is raised by signal from wristband to the SENTAG control unit.

The lifeguard receives an alarm that indicates which pool area that needs attention.

In this way the SENTAG wristband emulates the supervision of a lifeguard who should be naturally concerned if a swimmer stays too long beneath the surface.