Poolview Plus+ 1 Year On - 21 and Counting

Poolview Plus+ - Blended Lifeguarding

Poolview Plus+ - Blended Lifeguarding


Hard to believe that it has only been 12 months since we won the "Best Facility Innovation" award for our Poolview Plus+ Computer Intelligent System for the Detection of Drowning Incidents at Elevate the UK's largest fitness & physical activity trade show.

At the time of our Poolview Plus+launch last May we had not installed a single computer driven drowning detection system in the UK. Indeed it was not until December 2017 that our first project was completed in central London at a prestigious private members club who had the foresight to see the many benefits for their staff, members and brand.

In the past 12 months we have pushed, educated and encouraged our concept of Blended Lifeguarding, combining traditional methods of Lifeguarding and Technology to support Lifeguards in their role.

January saw a series of four Poolview Plus+ installations in quick succession and this week we will be commissioning our ninth Poolview Plus+ installation of 2018.

Last week was one of those weeks you can only often dream about. Not only have we finalised plans for the installation of five Poolview Standard Systems, but also received an order for twelve Poolview Plus+ Drowning Detection Systems to be commissioned before the end of September!

One top of that, we secured Poolview Plus+ in five new-build projects!It

Exciting and interesting times ahead I am sure as we focus our efforts on supporting Lifeguards and reducing the instances of near misses or drowning incidents in our swimming pools

If you missed our Poolview Plus+ video - here it is again