Poolview Plus+ given Best Facility Innovation Award

Robin McGloughlin and Helen Meckiffe receiving the "Best facility Innovation" Award at Elevate

Robin McGloughlin and Helen Meckiffe receiving the "Best facility Innovation" Award at Elevate

At this years Elevate in London's ExCel Arena we were thrilled and delighted to be told that our Poolview Plus+ received the prize for Best Facility Innovation, which was hailed as an "innovative use of technology" by one judge!


Poolview Limited and SwimEye™ have collaborated and produced the worlds first proactive AND reactive computer intelligent system for the detection of possible drowning incidents in swimming pools.

We have called it Poolview plus+ and by using our tried and tested Poolview architecture, the lifeguards still have a monitor attached to their chair which displays the images from the eight carefully positioned underwater cameras, providing 100% below water coverage.

SwimEye™ developed artificial intelligence operates software in the background and supports the fully trained Lifeguard with their responsibilities Poolview Plus will "track" each swimmer and continuously monitor their activity until such time as it detects a "possible drowning" developing.

At this point our technology alerts the Lifeguard to the "unusual swimmer behaviour".

This information is relayed directly to Lifeguard via their Monitor.

The Lifeguard has then two options:- acknowledge and disarm the alarm acknowledge and escalate the alarm - which initiates the Emergency Action Plan and the swimmer is "rescued".

Thus - in the situation when a Lifeguard "misses" a developing incident - their "co-worker" Poolview plus+ will back them up and draw their attention to a camera view and the relevant swimmer.

Poolview Plus provides an additional layer of protection for swimmers - assists lifeguards with their duties and never switches off Poolview plus+ increases efficiencies for management but most importantly supports lifeguards in their difficult role.