Would YOU have spotted her? Lifeguard rescues a 3 year old girl!

Would YOU have spotted her? Dramatic moment lifeguard dives in and rescues three-year-old girl about to drown

    •    Footage shows lifeguard surveying busy wave-pool in South Carolina
    •    Waves get turned on but he quickly spots small child in deep distress
    •    He dives into the pool and immediately rescues the three-year-old
    •    Criticized her parents for not watching their child carefully enough

    This is the terrifying moment a lifeguard was forced to dive into a South Carolina wave-pool to rescue a three-year-old girl who was beginning to drown.
Shocking footage shows the lifeguard surveying the pool, which is packed full of adults and children enjoying the water and floating around in rubber rings.
The wave function on the pool is switched on and people begin to enjoy jumping and riding the waves.

The lifeguard walks up and down the side of the pool as he surveys swimmers enjoying themselves - but quickly spots a child in trouble, waving her arms desperately as the waves pull her under.
He dives into the pool quickly and swims towards her, before picking her up and swimming back to the edge of the pool.
The wave function is turned off as swimmers look on in confusion.

The unnamed lifeguard said: 'I had to walk this 3 year old girl around until I could find her family.
'They had no idea she was missing.
'I have been doing this for 18 years and I am still amazed by the lack of supervision some kids get around the water.'
Several online commentators have condemned the parents for neglecting the child.
One said: 'Anyone who lets a 3 year old go into a wave pool by themselves without any life jacket on should be criminally prosecuted for neglect.'