Blended Lifeguarding - Dovetailing Technology and the Lifeguards role

Poolview is an above water and below water camera system which digitally records and stores all moving images.

Real-time digital video images can be relayed to any lifeguard monitoring station in any combination depending on your pools design and risk assessment requirements. The display gives Lifeguards an un-compromised view of below water swimmer activity and behaviour. Lifeguards view these images as part of their 10:20 scan to help with early identification of an incident developing or abnormal events occurring.

Full below water coverage can be achieved in every pool. Poolview can "see" below surface glare and reflections, disturbed moving water, play structures and movable booms. It provides essential additional vision for lifeguards and further offers a full observation ability for blind spot areas.

Poolview will increase a lifeguards capability, help reduce risk and can reduce staff overheads and increase flexibility for lifeguard levels and rotation.

“Places for People Leisure enjoy working in partnership with Poolview Limited to jointly make the pools they manage with their local authority partners as safe as possible for both swimmers and staff using reliable technology. Installations have been efficiently completed with clear communication throughout the process from the Poolview team. This system has allowed us to further demonstrate our commitment to the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ approach to successful Health and Safety management using our ‘SAFE Places for People’ quality management system.
— Andy Read - Places for People