"Blended Lifeguarding" - Harmonizing Technology and the Lifeguards Role

Poolview Plus+™

for the detection of drowning accidents in swimming pools

Poolview Limited have and produced a proactive AND reactive detection system for possible drowning incidents in swimming pools.

What do mean by Proactive?

Proactive Lifeguarding is about Prevention.

Using our tried and tested Poolview architecture, the lifeguards still have a monitor attached to their chair which displays the images from the eight carefully positioned underwater cameras, providing 100% below water coverage.


Our 8 image Lifeguard Monitor has the worlds first "Real Pool View" where the Lifeguard can track and follow swimmers deep end to shallow end on the top and bottom rows.


The Lifeguard will as normal continue to scan the swimming pool using the 10/20 Protection Rule. As well as scanning the surface of the water they allot 2-3 seconds of their time to check their individual Lifeguard Monitor for developing incidents or unusual swimmer behaviour.

They are proactively Lifeguarding their pool and zone of responsibility. They are still in control!

Poolview Plus+™ have developed artificial intelligence which operates software in the background and supports the fully trained Lifeguard with their responsibilities

Poolview Plus+™ will "track" each swimmer and continuously monitor their activity until such time as it detects a "possible drowning" developing.

At this point Poolview Plus+™ technology alerts the Lifeguard to the "unusual swimmer behaviour".

This information is relayed directly to Lifeguard via their Monitor.

The Lifeguard has then two options:-

  • acknowledge and disarm the alarm

  • acknowledge and escalate the alarm - which initiates the Emergency Action Plan and the swimmer is "rescued".

The Lifeguard throughout is always in control and is proactively Lifeguarding.

What do mean by Reactive?

In the situation when a Lifeguard "misses" a developing incident - their "co-worker" Poolview Plus+™ will back them up and draw their attention to a camera view and the relevant swimmer and issue a "Red Alert"

In essence there has been a "Loss of Control" and the Lifeguard is now reacting to a developed situation or incident.

Poolview™ architecture and software - the perfect match for your Lifeguards!

The Poolview Plus+ can also be installed as a "stand alone" drowning detection system, without the need for poolside lifeguard monitors if required. 

Technology cannot replace totally human supervision but can be provided as an aid to assist supervision.