The Swimpro Cam training package is in high demand world wide!

Developed with current olympic coaches and athletes, the SwimPro Cam package has proven to be the ultimate in professional swimming training cameras.

If you’re new to swimming training or your old swimming camera needs an upgrade, you’ll immediately be able to increase your coaching professionalism and your clubs training abilities with the SwimPro Cam system.Why not train your swimmers with the same swimming training technology that Olympic coaches are using?

SwimPro Cam brings professional training equipment to all coaches and clubs off all abilities around the globe! The system has received awards for excellence in design, usability, robustness and flexibility.

In a Leisure Pool with many features and obstacles blocking lines of site, quite simply the flexibility of Poolviews’ specialist Poolcam system provides our lifeguards with necessary additional essential vision. The system has given the management and staff peace of mind with total coverage of the Pool.
— George Lampshire, Regional Health and Safety & Quality Manager