The system comprises of a central control panel, call buttons and signal repeaters.

Wireless Emergency Alarm System

The call buttons can be situated anywhere within or external to your facility including saunas and steam-rooms. When a call button is activated the central monitor alarm alerts staff that assistance is required at the displayed location. The system is entirely modular which allows for easy expansion to the network as requirements change or grow!

Key Advantages

  • Written location display
  • One day installation without interruption to your service
  • Protected for the pool hall environment


  • WEA uses license free wireless technology
  • A modular system with no limitations
  • Low maintenance costs

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing exceptional focus on the safety and the wellbeing of all our customers and swimmers. Not only does the installation of the Poolcam system allow for a greater degree of flexibility in the operational running of the centre, more significantly, it has greatly enhanced our pool supervision, improved staff vigilance and professionalism and ultimately created a safer swimming environment. From the initial consultation through to installation, Poolview fully understood our specific requirements and subsequently they were able to deliver a system tailored to our needs.
— Graeme Morrison, Facilities Manager