5 good reasons to future proof your new swimming pool

Are you in the process of building a new swimming pool and/or leisure centre?
...pondering whether or not to have a 4 a 6 or even an 8 court main hall?
...how many square metres in gym?
...what about a soft play area?
...how many covers do we need for the café?
..25metre pool or 50metre?
...moving floor or not? etc. etc. etc.

All of these questions I would suggest will be considered and answers may well be dictated by budget.

BUT (and it is a big but), have you considered including provision for Drowning Prevention Technology (DPT) to support your lifeguards?

Over the last 8 years when I did manage to speak directly with architects and project managers responsible for overseeing new builds the stock answer has been "we considered drowning prevention technology, but rejected it”.  Just like that! End of conversation, no further debate!

Now, if I told you that in the last 3 years we have “drilled holes” in shiny new pools who 2, 3, or 5 years ago gave me that answer - would you stop and think?

The harsh reality about building a new swimming pool and leisure centre is that it's a minefield, it's like putting together a “perfect meal” that everyone will enjoy, pleasing some of the people all of the time, it's a difficult job I know, I have built and managed a few in my time!

Every single “sales person” in the country thinks that their product is an absolute must in any new facility and "how can you possibly build something new without my product, which is the latest and the best thing since sliced bread?”

You might not believe this, I didn’t write this article to sell or promote Poolview™, SwimEye™, SenTag or Bluefox (well maybe just a little), this is all about protecting your investment, thinking ahead, giving those who follow an opportunity to really look at DPT if you didn’t include it within the initial package.

Whether or not you believe in DPT “today” - what about next year or five years down the line?

Plan your DPT containment BEFORE it gets to this stage!

Does it not make good business sense to at the absolute and very least make provision for the future? It really is such a minuscule part of a new build project to include “containment within the pool” for another day.

The vast majority of new pools have lights fitted - the vast majority of pools that I visit either don’t use them or they are broken (although LED technology is changing the reliability) - but still, light fittings are there for all to see.

So, if you are involved in a new build project, please, please, please, at the very least, cast in eight or so additional blank housings and containment, so that someday, someone in the future could, if they wished, make use of them to add DPT to their pool.

Cameras, hydrophones or whatever is coming at a later date can then be easily installed without someone having to drill a hole through your pool!

I have overseen a dozen or so pools that wanted to include DPT, but at the time, the will nor the budget were there. The niches were tiled over and remain un-noticed, waiting for the day when they are needed.

Thanks to a few individuals with vision, we have 'popped' a few of these tiles off after a number of years and now installing DPT a little easier than it could have been.

I’m always available to offer free no obligation advice - it might just save someone, somewhere, sometime in the future, one less thing to worry about!