Our Background

Poolview are the UK's leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of technology driven ‘Safer Swimmer Systems’ for swimming pools. 

We were formed in September 2012 and are recognised as ‘industry experts’ within the field of Drowning Prevention Systems.  We are in the position to supply a complete range of solutions for any type pool working closely with operator management teams to ensure seamless integration and support.

Our Systems use an above water and below water camera system which digitally records and stores all moving images. Real-time digital video images can be relayed to any lifeguard monitoring station providing essential additional full observation ability for blind spot areas.

The Leisure Industry and swimming pool operators are fast accepting that technology not only plays a key role in enhancing swimmer safety, but also supporting flexibility and efficiencies with staffing rotations, swimming pool timetables and systems of work.  There are opportunities to both increase swimmer safety and manage your lifeguarding resource more efficiently and effectively.

Poolview Ltd has the ability to install Safer Swimming Systems into ANY pool, no matter what shape, finish or size without the need to drain the pool or interfere with normal day to day swimming programmes.  Currently around 75% of our installations undergo a retro-fit i.e. after the pool is filled and open. 

Poolview pride themselves on being able to provide the perfect solution for all pools, pool programmes, staffing resources and environment.